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How to become a successful artist manager

The world of artist management is a tricky environment for individuals who lack courage, ambition, and self-sacrifice. To become a successful talent manager you need to work hard and maximize every opportunity you get to advertise your artists. You must also be aware that once you represent an entertainer, you become responsible for that individual's career and, in some cases, even of his personal life. This important aspect of the entertainment industry means that you will become the second, third or even tenth priority in your life. Here are some tips that will help you achieve success in this business:


Scouting is essential

Talented artists do not just appear out of the blue. Even the most surprising newcomers to the music industry have been scouted by talent managers for years before making their first appearance in the mainstream media. If you want to make a difference as an artist manager, you have to start from the bottom and scout for talents in the underground scene. You only need to produce one successful act before artists come knocking at your door looking for representation.


Two types of artist guidance

There are two essential ways of guiding an artist’s career. You either use the “iron-fist” method to lay down strict rules for every public appearance, or you let them venture into the entertainment jungle and let the environment mold them. In both cases, you must have a consistent approach to reach the goals you have imposed at the start.

Know when to let go

Every artist has its unique, personal evolution. The music industry is regulated by the "rise and fall" of the entertainer. This private law applies to all artists, and it marks their rags to riches, and back to rags journey. There are very few performers who manage to be successful throughout their entire careers. You need to know when the dramatic decline requires a different managerial approach or even an abrupt ending to your contractual relationship.